What is It’s Cool To Cry?

It’s Cool To Cry is a clothing brand with a purpose.

Our purpose is to stop the stigma around mental health and normalise discussions about mental health. We do this by donating 10% of each sale to mental health charities and organisations and by encouraging people to acknowledge and talk about their feelings and emotions before they become overwhelming.

We encourage people to talk about their feelings before they become too much, and if you end up crying, that’s cool. Why crying? Crying is pretty darn vulnerable (I mean who looks good when they cry?!). Once we become more vulnerable, we become more approachable, less perfect, more relatable, we become more human. It’s Cool to Cry wants these conversations to happen in relaxed, informal, everyday conversations. If therapy is required, we are here to encourage that too! We want to normalise these conversations and people should be heartened to have them without the need of alcohol, drugs, a shit hitting the fan event (crisis) or professional help. 

We are the catalyst to conversation and the conduit to counselling. We would love people to wear our garms & be proud of their past and present relationship with mental health.